ROMAN DONIK: Stop judging and trust the professionals

Voices of Ukraine

By Roman Donik, army volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Only the laziest haven’t already kicked at the military, National Guard and ATO leadership these days.

And those who tend to kick at them are theorists as a rule, who don’t do shit themselves. Or they might do [something] but are not independent thinkers and do everything on someone’s pointers / orders / request.

Those who are active and independent keep silent or rejoice. Even if you have any questions [regarding the events], this is not yet an occasion to ask them out loud.

War is a bitch, not like a game of chess or a route laid out by an iPhone.

In war, there are so many circumstances and variables that need to be taken into account, one could never have dreamed of. Take my word for it.

And every mistake, it’s not a lousy…

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