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The Fight for Yemen (PBS Frontline)

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This video contains information on the current conflict in Yemen, including the Houthi rebels, AQAP, and the Saudi coalition.

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“Redaction Poetry” and Overclassification at the US National Archives


Next up: #EmailDeletionParties to celebrate Spring Cleaning? Next up: #EmailDeletionParties to celebrate Spring Cleaning?

Last week the Foundation for the National Archives (an independent organization that “generates financial and creative support” for the Archives and shares its address) launched an eyebrow raising promotion to celebrate National Poetry Month: selecting archival documents, censoring them, and calling it “redaction poetry.”

While celebrating poetry and attempting to bring attention to Archival holdings are noble goals (along with much more that the Archives Foundation does), this promotion has struck many who have struggled with the National Archives’ sputtering declassification and FOIA regimes1 as being in poor taste, considering the vast volumes of information held by NARA that remain withheld from public view, or improperly censored by the Archives’ National Declassification Center.

To highlight these problems, the National Security Archive has selected a few real life examples of “redaction poetry” where the declassifiers at NARA have failed.

Submission One: “Twice Released…

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“F-35 programme begins developing cyber-attack capability” (IHS Jane’s)

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“The F-35 programme is developing a pod-mounted cyber-attack system. The offensive system is in the “prototyping phase”, according to the deputy programme manager”


Global Militarisation Index 2014

The Osint Journal Review

Release date: 2014-12

The Global Militarisation Index (GMI) depicts the relative weight and importance of the military apparatus of one state in relation to its society as a whole. The update of the GMI 2014 is based on data from the year 2013 (i. e. the most recent year for which data has been available) and comprises 152 states. BICC’s GMI is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

In the 2014 GMI, Israel, Singapore, Armenia, Syria, Russia, Cyprus, South Korea, Jordan, Greece and Azerbaijan (rank 1 to 10) are amongst the ten countries with the highest levels of militarisation—three of which are situated in the Middle East, two in East Asia and the remaining…

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Fourteen drone units set up within Russian armed forces: Defense Minister Shoigu



Fourteen drone units were created in the Armed Forces in 2014, which delivered 179 UAV systems,  the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during the meeting of the board.
“It’s almost as much as we have in all previous years,” said the Minister of Defence.

A state center of unmanned aviation of the Ministry of Defense is created, which will train specialists, including those of other ministries and departments.
Drones are used in all the activities of troop training, as well as in the security of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

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