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Iran reverse-engineers US stealth drone

From RT: “Iran unveiled Sunday a stealth drone supposedly created by reverse-engineering a drone captured from the US military. In December 2011, the Iranian government released images of what it claimed to be a US stealth drone which was hacked by its military’s electronic warfare unit. Defense contractor Lockheed Martin designed and manufactures the Sentinel RQ-170, which Iran’s replica bears a striking resemblance to. RT’s Lindsay France has more details on the drone’s unveiling.

Iranian RQ-170 Drone Incident Archive

The Aviationist has a great archive section on the December 2011 American RQ-170 falling into Iranian hands.

The Aviationist.“Category Archives: Captured Stealth Drone.”

Lenziran Newsviedo. “IRGC commander tell how the US RQ 170 Drone was captured and its content & technology accessed.” Youtube. February 6, 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHZZXR7Av_k

Route of the RQ-170, courtesy of the Aviationist
Route of the RQ-170, courtesy of the Aviationist


Game of Drones!

Are drones are surgical strike against terrorist, or do they produce disproportionate collateral damage? Here are some articles on both sides of the debate.

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