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On the frontline with Shia’s Badr Army in Iraq – BBC News

Great journalism by the BBC describing the front lines around Baghdad.

“The BBC’s Jonathan Beale spent the day with the Badr Army on the outskirts of Baquba in Iraq. Much of the fighting is between the Isis extremists and Iraq’s oldest Shia military, the Badr Army, which is intensely loyal to the government and has a history of violence against Sunnis.”


South Carolina National Guard Shares Skills with Colombian Army

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael Abels, an equipment repairman with the South Carolina National Guard, instructs Colombian Army maintenance personnel in Melgar, Colombia, June 12.
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael Abels, an equipment repairman with the South Carolina National Guard, instructs Colombian Army maintenance personnel in Melgar, Colombia, June 12.Cindi King | South Carolina National Guard | 01 July 2014
Cindi King | South Carolina National Guard | 01 July 2014

Melgar, Colombia ― As an expansion of the State Partnership Program, South Carolina Army National Guard soldiers joined members of the Colombian Army to exchange knowledge on maintenance techniques during a monthlong engagement in Colombia in June.

Fifteen U.S. soldiers from the 742nd Support Maintenance Company (SMC) met with Colombian Army maintenance personnel to work on various pieces of equipment that included weapons systems, night vision goggles and vehicles. This was the second meeting between the team partners following their engagement last fall.

“This visit was a bit different for our soldiers,” said Captain Justin Montgomery, commander of the 742nd SMC. “We now have a better understanding of the fight our Colombian partners are still engaged in and how critical their maintenance program is to sustain their mission. As soon as items are repaired, they go right back to the front lines.”

Montgomery said his team always understood the value and importance of using training manuals and maintenance standard operating procedures, but the Colombians have to not only implement these systems, but ensure everything that comes for repair is ready to be used in combat.

“When our soldiers deploy, we are sent overseas and face the enemy far from home,” said Montgomery. “The Colombians are in this fight in their own country and that is very humbling.”

Coordinating these efforts was Major Dave King, who ensured the partners were meeting the strategic objectives of the combatant commander aligned with the goals of Colombian military.

According to King, maintenance is a key skill the South Carolina National Guardsmen can provide, primarily because their expertise and use of equipment mirrors that of the Colombian military.

“The equipment used by the Colombian Army is very similar to the U.S. Army,” said King. “The unique capabilities our soldiers bring are different approaches to maintenance and techniques that the Colombians may not be familiar with. We hope to assist the Colombians with establishing a maintenance culture.”

The South Carolina National Guard has worked with Colombia since 2012 through the National Guard Bureau State Partnership Program. The program is a U.S. Department of Defense program managed by the National Guard that links U.S. states with partner countries around the world for the purpose of supporting the security cooperation objectives of the United States’ geographic combatant commands.

Montgomery said this mission in Colombia has been a unique opportunity for his soldiers, by using their skills in an environment different from what they do in the maintenance shops back in South Carolina and seeing the value of helping another country.

“Colombian soldiers are among the best in the world,” said Montgomery. “They’ve shared their skills training with others in the region and we’re pleased to be working with them on this maintenance program.”