Drones, special forces and mercenaries: Remote-control warfare briefing #05

The Osint Journal Review

  • Author: Scott Hickie, Chris Abbott and Raphaël Zaffran
  • Source: Intelligence unit
  • Published: 27 August 2014
  • Filed: 27 August 2014

Remote Control Project header

Remote-control warfare is an emerging strategy that allows for conflict to be actioned at a distance. It incorporates technologies and light-footprint deployments that enable policymakers and military planners to approve actions that would unlikely be considered if using conventional means. These monthly briefings are commissioned by the Remote Control Project, a project of the Network for Social Change, hosted by Oxford Research Group.

This month:

Special operations forces:Amnesty International alleges failings in investigation of civilian deaths caused by US special forces in Afghanistan.

Private military and security companies: Increasing number of mercenaries in foreign conflicts from Balkans region.

Unmanned vehicles and autonomous weapons systems:United States initiates drone strikes against Islamic State in Iraq.

Cyber warfare: State and non-state hacker groups launch cyber attacks on Israel in response to…

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