An Analysis of ISIS Quarterly Reports: Kill and Conquer

The Osint Journal Review

James Foley’s beheading illustrates ISIS’ ruthlessness; the growing organization’s reports reveal its calculating nature

Authors: Adi Kochavi and Matan Gilat

Posted: 08/20/14 08:28 EDT

Deep Web Reporting By: Amit Weiss and Gilad Shiloach

Any doubts about how ruthless and single-minded the Islamic State (commonly referred to as ISIS) had become were dispelled on Tuesday. A gruesome propaganda video began circulating that evening, showing the purported beheading of James Foley, an American journalist who disappeared in Syria in 2012. A masked ISIS executioner, speaking to the camera in a distinctly British accent, announces in the video that the murder is in response to American air strikes on ISIS in Iraq, ordered by President Obama 12 days earlier.

ISIS is becoming an increasingly ruthless and effective killing machine, one we can now quantify. For several years, as the organization evolved—moving between Iraq and Syria and changing its moniker—what we now know as…

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