YPG Move To Assist Peşmerge Across Border

The Rojava Report


(ANF) YPG forces are reported to have moved from Til Koçer to an area near Zumar across the border with South Kurdistan as fighting between peşmerge forces and fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) grows in intensity around Mosul. Zumar is a district of Mosul and has been the site of growing clashes as ISIS seeks to expand its influence in the area.

YPG spokesman Polat Can said in a statement “ISIS wants to attack Zuma and Şengal (Sinjar) with a large force to separate it from Zaxo. We are here to prevent that. We have erased the borders between us. We moved to the South with great force in order to protect our brothers in the South from ISIS gangs.”

Yesterday (Saturday August, 2nd) as ISIS attacks on peşmerge forces grew more violent the 8th Regiment under the command of Haşim Sîtî pulled…

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