Desert Ambush – AQIM Militants Slay Tunisian Soldiers

Tunisian soldiers patrolling on the Algerian border.
Tunisian soldiers patrolling on the Algerian border.

On July 17th, Islamic militants affiliated with AQIM attacked Tunisian soldiers at an outpost with RPGs and light arms, killing 14 and wounding 20. The terrorist hasty attack occurred in the vicinity of Mt. Chaambi near the Algerian border, a porous and mountainous region ideal for insurgencies.

The attacks have led to increased public criticism of the Tunisian government. Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa has created a “crisis cell” to coordinate government action in response to this attack. The Tunisian army, which is relatively small and inexperienced compared vis a vis to other African armies, has received equipment from the U.S. and Europe for counterterrorism operations. The army has engaged numerous threats from Libya, Algeria, and Mali, including AQIM, Ansar Al-Sharia, and the Okba Ibn Nafaa Brigade. As counterterrorism operations continue in insurgency spawning regions, casualties will continue to mount on both sides.


For more information see:

Al-Arabiya News. “‘Terrorist’ ambush kills 14 Tunisian soldiers.” July 17, 2014.

Al-Jazeera. “At least 14 Tunisian troops killed in mountain attack.” July 17, 2014.

BBC. “Tunisian soldiers killed in attack near Algerian border.” July 17, 2014.



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