ISIS in Iraq: Sectarian Tsunami or Regional Rivalry?

The Osint Journal Review

Rajeev Agarwal

Iraqi soldiers

While the US, EU, and Russia were squabbling over the future of Ukraine over the past few months, the West Asia region was in stalemated position with the Syrian crisis nowhere near resolution and a sense of fatigue and frustration setting in throughout the region. Meanwhile, almost unnoticed, Iraq underwent its parliamentary elections on April 30, Egypt elected Fatah Al Sisi in a rather one-sided presidential election, and President Assad contested and won presidential elections in a ‘no contest’ election in Syria. In Iran, the nuclear talks were proceeding well, although not without the occasional hiccup. And, towards the western edge of the Levant, the prospects of Israel-Palestine peace had virtually broken down after the Palestinian rival factions Hamas and Fatah announced the formation of a unity government in April, causing Israel to withdraw from the peace talks in protest.

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