U.S. Envoy at U.N. on Humanitarian Aid in Central African Republic

Central African Republic Map, courtesy of the CIA.
Central African Republic Map, courtesy of the CIA.

U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York, New York
June 23, 2014


Remarks by Nancy Lindborg, Assistant Administrator for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance at the U.S. Agency for International Development, at a UN Economic and Social Council High-Level Meeting on Humanitarian Action in the Central African Republic and Neighboring Countries

Thank you. I applaud Under Secretary General Amos and Commissioner Georgieva for convening us here today given the urgent importance of maintaining international focus on the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic. The panelists have eloquently provided us with background on the seriousness and complexity of the crisis. The US Government especially agrees with the importance of quickly addressing the multiple fronts of security, reconciliation and rebuilding the economy as outlined by CAR Minister Samba.

As the crisis continues to cause enormous suffering, with more than half the population in urgent need of help, we are also keenly aware that insecurity, lack of access and shortage of funds act as equal constraints to the provision of urgent humanitarian assistance. In response, the US has begun a series of airlifts to provide urgent humanitarian supplies, and in addition to the $60 million previously committed and expended, the US is providing additional support.

I am happy to announce today the US will provide an additional nearly $51 million, bringing our total humanitarian support for Fiscal Year 2014 to $118 million. These additional funds will provide additional clean water, food, seeds and tools, emergency health services and relief supplies to the most vulnerable. The new assistance will bolster psychosocial support for survivors of gender-based violence and focus on children deeply affected by the conflict. As noted by our panelists, this crisis has increasingly become regional, with refugees arriving in Chad and Cameroon in desperate condition. Therefore, $35 million of the new US funding is for urgent refugee needs in neighboring countries.

The US is deeply committed to providing aid in the face of continued suffering. We join the panel in urging a continued and increased international mobilization to provide immediate assistance as well as sustained support for the Central Africa Republic.


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