Kerry: Taliban Freed For Bergdahl Could Get Killed If They Rejoin Fight


Secretary of State John Kerry issued a warning for the five Taliban leaders who were recently freed in exchange for a long-held American soldier: Rejoin the battlefield at your own risk.

“I’m not telling you that they don’t have some ability at some point to go back and get involved [in the fight],” Kerry told CNN in an interview that aired Sunday. “But they also have an ability to get killed doing that.

“I don’t think anybody should doubt the capacity of the United States of America to protect Americans,” Kerry said.

Kerry didn’t elaborate, but given the United States’ use of unmanned drones in the fight against terrorist leaders, it was easy to interpret his remarks as a not-so-veiled threat. It was Kerry’s first public remarks since Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was freed May 31 after five years of Taliban captivity, in a prisoner exchange for the five Guantanamo Bay…

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