The terrorist threat to energy infrastructure in North Africa

The Osint Journal Review

Written by Diego Cordano (1) Wednesday, 21 May 2014 13:34

Secure energy supplies play a crucial role in the world economy and are essential to fuel the development of contemporary society. North Africa is a region characterised by a high amount of energy resources, and its governments struggle to guarantee the protection of energy infrastructures, which are becoming targets for terrorist groups aiming to disrupt the economy of North Africa’s states and to hit Western interests. Over the last five years in particular, North Africa has been characterised by a high level of political instability. Several non-state actors with different agendas are active within the region and have shown on several occasions the will and the capabilities to target energy facilities. The 2013 attack in In Amenas, Algeria, is certainly a case in point.

North African energy infrastructure

North African energy infrastructure (View map) (7)

This paper analyses the development of…

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