Account from Slovyansk

Euromaidan PR

I managed to get through to my friends from Slovyansk on the phone! Facepalm… really, the only reason we were able to talk is because two of them left for Kharkiv and so got their connection back, as there’s no connection in Slovyansk. There’s no civil war or civic support there to speak of. These were thugs from the outset, and many residents realized that. Drunks and psychos took to the barricades in small numbers. So-called ‘mayor’ is a local thug and, it sounds like, also a heroin addict. Then, the looting started. Banks and cash-transit vehicles got robbed, banks are not operating, and people aren’t getting their salaries or pensions paid for 3-4 months. Everyone who could do so fled. Armed men are walking house to house, just to check what you got in there. You can’t refuse to let them in, as those who are trying to…

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