Morocco: Terrorists Exploit Social Networks

The Osint Journal Review

GSPC Area of Operations & Pan-Sahel Initiative... GSPC Area of Operations & Pan-Sahel Initiative nations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oual in Casablanca — Cyber-jihadism may spread in North Africa if parents and politicians ignore the threat, security analysts caution. Videos, audio recordings, messages and speeches from terrorist organisations blanket YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Maghreb extremists have embraced the virtual arena, using online networks to attract recruits and spread propaganda.

The phenomenon is also raising questions about how to protect both public safety and freedom of expression. “Radical Islamists have recruitment methods that are very dangerous on the internet,” says Idriss Raouah, a cybercrime expert at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“Islamist network members were among the first people in the world to use new information technologies,” he notes. And once it is put online, he warns, content spreads without oversight. Even parents can be kept in the dark.

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