The Achievements of the New Government Within 3 Months

Euromaidan PR


  1. The Constitution of 2004 has been returned. The usurping of power by the President has been eliminated.
  2. Mezhygirya and other mansions of government officials built on stolen funds have been confiscated.
  3. Corteges and blocking roads for officials have been liquidated.
  4. All political prisoners have been freed from jail.
  5. All illegitimately condemned have been freed from jail (the Pavlichenko, Zaporozhets families etc.).
  6. Fences and boom barriers near government buildings have been dismounted.
  7. “Berkut” has been eliminated.
  8. Ukraine received the invitation to join the European Union.
  9. Gas reversal from Europe has been organised, gas purchases from Russia have been decreased threefold.
  10. 1 billion Euros’ worth of financial aid received, as well as 10 billion Euros’ worth of loans with a minimal rate from the EU.
  11. Government officials are flying economy to international meetings.
  12. Activists have been to the homes of Yatseniuk and Timoshenko without any obstacles.
  13. The European Union has opened the…

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