The ideological corruption of Ukraine’s Army

Euromaidan PR

77EE1058-6FD5-4A0C-B368-6BF65B71C67A_mw1024_s_n Prime Minister A. Yatsenyuk with a Ukrainian soldier near Slovyansk

Ihor Losyev, Radio Svoboda, May 22, 2014

The events in Crimea and now in the Donbas have shown that the security forces of Ukraine have turned out to be ineffective and nonfunctional. A few wits have called Ukraine’s security forces “slabovyky” (the weak ones — Ed.). The issue is not only the organizational, financial, and human resource aspects of such a sorry state, but above all its ideological-educational one —  how, for a period of 20 years, a peculiar version of the army, the Security Service and the Interior Ministry was being created. The army, in fact, has remained a fragment of the Soviet army, an offspring of the Russian-Soviet military tradition. Additionally, it is significant that during the entire educational-training process, particular emphasis was placed on the so-called “shared” Soviet-Russian military history and heroics. The examples of the USSR…

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