Political Turmoil and Triumphs; Yemen Spring Three Years on

Life Through My eyes

Written by Saadia Haq and Najla Alshami

After the much eventful Yemen Spring which saw thousands chanting the mantra “No Tribes, No Parties, Our Revolution Is a Youth Revolution,” the national transition towards political stability has been slow. Although, Yemeni people have suffered decades under the tyrannical dictatorships and oppression, most of them have still not given up.

 At a closer glance, locals are struggling to seek ways on how to pave a path for a smoother and fairer democratic society. To outsiders and its own, Yemen appears to be on a precipice. If political and economic reforms gain headway, the country could be on its way to a prosperous future. Yet its progress is marked deeply by both internal and external pressures that pose serious risk to its prevailing fledgling democracy.

Image Protesters in the ” Change Square ” – Sana’a

Even today, there is much at stake in Yemen…

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