The Cultural Divide Between Ukrainians and Russians

Voices of Ukraine

05.10.2014 Facebook status
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

“Do you know what the difference is between you and us? When you grieve, we cry with you.

… we cried when Beslan happened,

… when Nord Ost took place,

… we sympathized when your subway and houses exploded,

… we cried when your people perished,

… and when grief happened to us, when we rose up to fight against the thieves and our people began to die, you mocked us.

Zadornov called us Euro-Khokhols [alternatively spelled Hohols]; you named us Maidowns [Maidan+Down syndrome, pejorative] and Banderites.

So there you have it: do you know why we don’t want to be under Russia’s wing, and wish to be in Europe?

Because while our people were dying, Zhirinovskiy yelled that he would send bullets, while Europe helped with humanitarian support… and while Medvedev shouted that the President shouldn’t…

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