Moldova Puts Forces On Alert As Ukraine Crisis Worsens

Re-Post from Radio Free Europe:

Moldova has placed its border forces on alert, citing deteriorating security and escalating violence in neighboring Ukraine.

Moldovan leaders announced the move after Kyiv deployed an elite military unit to Ukraine’s port of Odesa on May 5, and after fighting in eastern Ukraine killed government troops and pro-Russian separatists.

Molodovan President Nicolae Timofti, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca, and parliament speaker Igor Corman said in a joint statement that Moldovan security forces had been ordered “to take all necessary actions to ensure public order inside the country.”

They also affirmed Moldova’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Moldova has about 1,500 Russian troops stationed within its breakaway Transdniester region.

Separatists in Transdniester recently asked to be united with Russia.

Moldova’s pro-European prime minister has warned about “provocations” from Transdniester.

NATO officials have warned that Transdniester could become a target of Russian military activity.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters

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