U.S. Army Squad Formations / Techniques

This video has an overview of squad movement formations and techniques.

Formations are dependent on METT-TC (Mission, Enemy, Time, Troops, Terrain, Civilian Considerations).

Squad File – good for navigating harsh terrain or weather. Easy to control, poor to maneuver.

Squad Line – Limited manuevability, firepower concentrated on frontal target. Poor flank and rear security

Squad Column – compromise between file and line. Flexible and maneuverable. Best control for the Squad Leader. Best all around security.


METT-TC also applies to squad movement techniques

Traveling – Enemy contact unlikely – 20 meters between fire teams – good control and fast

Traveling Overwatch – Enemy contact possible – 50 meters between fire teams – flexibility to maneuver.

Bounding Overwatch – Enemy contact expected – good firepower, but slow.

Successive – team bounds parallel

Alternative – teams moves beyond the overwatch team


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