Sisi Urges Large Voter Turnout in Egypt’s Elections While Islamists Call For Boycott

The 2014 elections in Egypt will be a popular litmus test between the praetorian military and the radical Muslim Brotherhood.


Egyptian presidential candidate and former army chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday called for a large turnout in next month’s elections even as Islamists called for a boycott.

Sisi asked voters to come to the polls in “unprecedented numbers for the sake of Egypt,” Reuters reports.

Sisi, who helped to depose Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi during mass protests last July, faces just one opponent in elections to be held May 26-27. Hailed by his supporters as a strong figure who can rescue Egypt from crisis after a tumultuous and bloody revolution, Sisi is widely expected to win the election.

Islamist parties have denounced last year’s bloody takeover as a coup, and they’ve called the upcoming elections a “farce.” The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy also said it would not recognize election monitoring planned by “Western supporters of the coup,” apparently referring to a planned European Union observation mission.

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