Francis Fukuyama on the Future of History

“On March 22, Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose led a conversation with renowned political scientist and author Francis Fukuyama on themes from his decades of research and writing, and the conclusions he drew in a recent contribution to Foreign Affairs, The Future of History.

Watch them discuss the history and future of liberal democracy and the factors–from technology and biomedicine to popular uprisings in the East and socioeconomic disparity–that will determine the arc of humanity.”

Francis Fukuyama’s Twitter:

Francis Fukuyama on Foreign Affairs:

Francis Fukuyama on the Guardian:

Berkley Summary of the Last Man and the End of History:


One thought on “Francis Fukuyama on the Future of History”

  1. Reblogged this on Aegis Americana and commented:
    Francis Fukuyama gives a talk to Foreign Affairs about his new book “The Origins of Political Order” and his own beliefs about the Post-Cold War World.

    What is most fascinating is that he draws a connection from history to Political Science. States behavior can be explained by their social and historical development, and expresses those experiences in their international behavior. Most importantly, he discusses that with the advent of Globalization, Technology and the example of China, we are coming upon new shifts of direction and value changes not evident at the end of the Cold War. Furthermore, socio-policy or social politics is now becoming more important, as we question the assumptions of post-industrial society (International trade, global capitalism and liberal democracy). However, it is generating a populist backlash from sets of the populations who believed in economic nationalism, social moralism, and isolationism.

    Definitely want to watch this video!

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