Demonstrator’s Observations of a Pro-Ukraine Rally in Donetsk – April 17, 2014

William's Euromaidan Chronicle


Facebook Status Update of Oleksandr Sosnytskyi, Donetsk, Posted April 17, 2014

(Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch)

For some reason, there’s been little attention paid to the demonstration for Ukrainian unity in Donetsk.  Despite threats to demonstrators, including use of automatic rifles, despite the fact that the meeting place had to be changed three times (leading to people still coming after the meeting had already ended), around 5,000 people gathered.

There were indeed a lot of flags.  Yes, there were much fewer women and more men, but it was a very respectable crowd.

A lot of people felt sorry they didn’t come; people really felt scared.

One of the best moments of the demonstration:

We were standing at a crosswalk at the light, and we had a few Ukrainian flags with us.  Eight out of ten cars passing us greeted us with honks in solidarity.  We stood there a long…

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