The Changing Relationship between the Individual and State in Complex Social Networks during the Arab Spring.

Social Media Under Fire, courtesy of Mother Jones
Social Media Under Fire, courtesy of Mother Jones

Liebelson, Dana. “MAP: Here Are the Countries That Block Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.” Mother Jones. March 28, 2014.

This journalistic article “names and shames” countries that have banned social media. The main argument of this article follows the Erdogan administration’s quest to “quell anti-government sentiment” by limiting social media, as the networks would speed the transmission of subversion against the regime. The article also has a handy map, “Social Media Under Fire: Countries that block Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube,” which illustrates Liebelson’s information. She then goes country by country naming the level of government censorship of social media, including Iran, Turkey, and Eritrea. This article has the “need to know” on the current struggle of national security versus liberty in terms of internet censorship. Ultimately, citizens will find a digital medium to disseminate their message, regardless of the level of censorship.


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