Retreat is defeat

Euromaidan PR

by Thomas C. Theiner –

Time to get serious with Moscow Time to get serious with Moscow

As the recent days have shown, Putin continues to his clandestine war against Ukraine to get what he wants: either to annex two thirds of this sovereign European nation or to beat the Ukrainian state into submission and capitulation. Allowing Putin to achieve either of his two goals or even allowing him to continue on his destructive spree will plunge Europe into a decade of political uncertainty at best—or a major pan-European war at worst.

Only a united, pro-active and decisive front by the European Union, the United States of America, NATO and Ukraine, along with all our allies, can defeat Putin’s ambition to re-conquer former Russian colonies. The EU, the US, NATO and Ukraine have to closely coordinate their efforts, with each one taking the lead in the area they are best suited to deal with: NATO…

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