Russian Fiction the Sequel: 10 More False Claims About Ukraine – U.S. Department of State Factsheet


The Department of State debunk ten Russian fictions on Ukraine:

1. Russia Claims: Russian agents are not active in Ukraine.– GRU is fomenting discontent.

2. Russia Claims: Pro-Russia demonstrations are comprised exclusively of Ukrainian citizens acting of their own volition, like the Maidan movement in Kyiv – Actually the Pro-Russians are “tourists.”

3. Russia Claims: Separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine enjoy broad popular support – They are only supported by 1/3rd of the population.

4. Russia Claims: The situation in eastern Ukraine risks spiraling into civil war – These actions are Russian provocations.

5. Russia Claims: Ukrainians in Donetsk rejected the illegitimate authorities in Kyiv and established the independent “People’s Republic of Donetsk.” – The People’s Republic of Donetsk has been rejected by Ukrainians.

6. Russia Claims: Russia ordered a “partial drawdown” of troops from the Ukrainian border – 40,000 troops remain on the edge of the border.

7. Russia Claims: Ethnic Russians in Ukraine are under threat – Poll shows that 75% of ethnic Russian Ukrainians feel secure in Ukraine.

8. Russia Claims: Ukraine’s new government is led by radical nationalists and fascists – The Rada did not change delegates.

9. Russia Claims: Ethnic minorities face persecution in Ukraine from the “fascist” government in Kyiv – Minorities support the government in Kyiv.

10. Russia Claims: Russia is not using energy and trade as weapons against Ukraine – Russia has raised the price of gas by 80%.

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