“Enemies of the Internet 2014: entities at the heart of censorship and surveillance”


Reporters Without Borders

Excellent narrative by Reporters Without Borders on digital media censorship by repressive regimes. This article sides with freedom over security, noting the excesses of the later pretext, “The NSA and GCHQ, Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Agency, Saudi Arabia’s Internet Services Unit, Belarus’ Operations and Analysis Centre, Russia’s FSB and Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service are all security agencies that have gone far beyond their core duties by censoring or spying on journalists and other information providers.”

Furthermore, the watchdog group provided perscriptions on improving digital liberty in the globalized age:

  • Press international bodies to reinforce the legislative framework regulating Internet surveillance, data protection and the export of surveillance devices and software. Read Reporters Without Borders’ recommendations.
  • Train journalists, bloggers and other information providers in how to protect their data and communications. Reporters Without Borders has been doing this in the field for several years. It has organized workshops in many countries including France, Switzerland, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
  • Continue to provide information about surveillance and censorship practices. That is the purpose of this report.

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