Iran’s Building a Mock Aircraft Carrier for a Movie



If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the U.S. Navy’s fleet of 10 aircraft carriers should be feeling pretty smug right about now. Why?

  • First, the U.S, Marines are busy building their own three-flattop fleet known as the America class. The first of this new class of amphibious assault ships, the $3.4 billion USS America, is slated to join the fleet later this year.
  • Second, the Chinese painted a carrier-sized target deep in the Gobi desert about a year ago before attacking it with their new ship-killing missiles.
  • Finally, the Iranians are busy constructing a plywood-topped barge two-thirds the size of the 1,092-foot long USS Nimitz, the world’s biggest warship. Think of it as a parade float, of absolutely no military utility.

What’s going on here?

The first ship of the Marines’ new class of mini-carriers, the USS America, in sea trials in November.Navy photo


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