INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 22, 2014 – Summary

Photos from the front – Belbek

Voices of Ukraine

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Information Resistance Information Resistance

Brothers and sisters!
Here is the summary for March 22 (for the summary from the previous day, see Summary of March 21).

The bad news:

1. The Russians have almost achieved what they wanted. Ukrainian units are being taken over. Some have stood down, after the valiant and excruciatingly long stand-off. Some are being overrun by force and dirty tricks – like in Belbek today.

Many officers and contractors wish to continue serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but getting to the mainland is a whole separate issue. Earlier today, we briefly described Kyiv’s position [post by Information Resistance]- to hold the troops [in Crimea] until the UN General Assembly, to have a bargaining chip in the matter of declaring Crimea a demilitarized zone. However, the General Assembly will meet on…

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