NATO’s Next Moves

How will NATO respond to the current crisis in Crimea – read this article to find out!

The Osint Journal Review


Interviewee: Christopher S. Chivvis, Senior Political Scientist, RAND Corporation
Interviewer: Jonathan Masters, Deputy Editor
March 20, 2014

NATO uniform and badge

The patch of the NATO Airborne Warning and Control Systems aircraft attached to a soldier’s uniform.(Photo: Wolfgang Rattay/Courtesy Reuters)


Russia’s annexation of Crimea has placed NATO’s fundamental commitments to European security under the microscope. While the Pentagon and its allies havedeployed more aircraft to help police the skies over Eastern Europe, debate continues over what NATO should do next. Christopher S. Chivvis, a European security expert at the RAND Corporation, says a military response seems unlikely at this point, but the alliance has a number of options to try to check further Russian moves. NATO needs to reinforce its posture on the continent, he says, but “reassurance and deterrence need to be carefully calibrated and thought through.”

What are NATO’s responsibilities in Eastern Europe and its options for responding…

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