WAR IN CRIMEA – March 18, 2014 – Information Resistance Reports

Russian anti-aircraft SA-22 Greyhounds (AAA missile systems) are now in the Crimea – moving to secure the airspace.

Voices of Ukraine


Information Resistance Reports

March 18, 2104
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine



According to Information Resistance operational data, last night, the Crimean gangs (so-called “self-defense”) and Russian militaries blockaded training detachment N191 of the Ukrainian Navy (Sevastopol), using an armored personnel carrier.

The unit was surrounded by the Russian military. According to the statements of their commanders, the purpose of the blockade is to “defend the Ukrainian unit” (from whom – they couldn’t tell), and prevent any armaments from leaving the unit.

By morning, the occupiers said they would let members of the unit in and out, through the checkpoint, but only after a thorough search. For some reason, a particular emphasis during the search was placed on “flash drives” (USB data carriers).

As a reminder – earlier, the Ukrainian military command reported that agreements were reached with the Russian command, according to which the occupiers would…

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