Information Resistance: On the Subject of TV anchor Kiselyov and Radioactive Dust

Cold War rhetoric present in Russian propaganda statements over the situation in Crimea.

Voices of Ukraine

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Information Resistance Information Resistance

March 17, 2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine 

Yesterday’s statement by the über-propagandist [Dmitry] Kiselyov on the “Russia One” channel provoked great reaction. Putin’s Jolly Jester suddenly started broadcasting, “Russia is the only country in the world that is actually capable of turning the U.S. into radioactive dust.” Then, he started to scare the viewers with Perimeter [also known as Dead Hand]“our system of guaranteed nuclear retaliation.”

In order to fully enjoy the charming stupidity of Mr. Kiselyov, we must take a short detour back in history. In particular, we must remember that at the beginning of the nuclear arms race, the United States and the USSR have been constantly solving the problem of guaranteed nuclear retaliation, i.e.: creating a system capable of launching a nuclear response at the enemy under any circumstances – even if the…

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Navy SEALs Capture Militant Oil Freighter

U.S. Navy SEALs seized a North Korean flagged freighter, the “Morning Glory,” filled with oil from Libyan rebels in international waters. They executed the mission with the support of the Cypriot and the Libyan government. No shots were fired, and there were no fatalities.

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Reuters Special Report on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Man waits for information at the memorial for Flight 370, courtesy of Reuters.
Man waits for information at the memorial for Flight 370, courtesy of Reuters.

This special report claims that whoever took the aircraft off course had premeditated the act.

Govindasamy, Siva and Tim Helper. “Planning could hold key to disappearance of Flight MH370.” Reuters. March 17, 2014.


BBC Live Updates on Crimea

Independence Square, courtesy of the BBC.
Independence Square, courtesy of the BBC.

The BBC has dedicated numerous pages to the Crimea Crisis. The British media outlet has live updates as they occur – such as the current EU – U.S. sanctions – an overarching timeline of the crisis, and biographies of key leaders.

BBC. “Live: Crimean Crisis.”

——. “Ukrainian Crisis.”

FULL TEXT of US Executive Order on Ukraine-Related Sanctions (including names & Russian officials)

The U.S. put sanctions on seven Russian leaders, two Crimea separatists, and two disavowed Ukrainian leaders

Voices of Ukraine

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
March 17, 2014

FACT SHEET: Ukraine-Related Sanctions


President Obama today issued a new Executive Order (E.O.) under the national emergency with respect to Ukraine that finds that the actions and policies of the Russian government with respect to Ukraine -– including through the deployment of Russian military forces in the Crimea region of Ukraine –- undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and contribute to the misappropriation of its assets.

This new authority expands upon E.O. 13660, which the President signed less than two weeks ago, by authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to impose sanctions on named officials of the Russian government, any individual or entity that operates in the Russian arms industry, and any designated individual or entity that…

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Iranian RQ-170 Drone Incident Archive

The Aviationist has a great archive section on the December 2011 American RQ-170 falling into Iranian hands.

The Aviationist.“Category Archives: Captured Stealth Drone.”

Lenziran Newsviedo. “IRGC commander tell how the US RQ 170 Drone was captured and its content & technology accessed.” Youtube. February 6, 2013.

Route of the RQ-170, courtesy of the Aviationist
Route of the RQ-170, courtesy of the Aviationist