ETNIKA documentary film: Multinational Ukraine – The Voices of Homeland

A good video on the different ethnic minorities in Ukraine.

Voices of Ukraine

A film that tells the tales of the Crimean Karaites, the Crimean Tatars, and the Ukrainian Gypsys.

Der Film wurde auch auf Deutsch veröffentlicht: siehe hier.

1911888_295286610623290_896354368_nThese days, the whole world is looking at Ukraine – a country little known and often misunderstood and, unfortunately, also subjected to slander by a certain neighbouring country’s propaganda apparatus.

ETNIKA is a creative film studio from Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2004, they have produced a veritable number of documentaries on topics from Ukrainian history, culture, architecture, ethnos, sciences, and more. Etnika wants to make their contribution to show you Ukraine as it is, as we know it and love it: as a united nation with a turbulent history, rich cultural traditions and home to a variety of ethnic groups, who have been living together in peace and tolerance throughout all of Ukraine’s history as an independent state.

This is why they have decided to…

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