TOP 7 Myths About Ukraine Firmly Embedded in the Russian Consciousness

Myth-busting the Ukrainian Revolution from Russian misinformation.

Voices of Ukraine

By Roman Dobrokhotov
Translated by Olga Ruda and edited by Voices of Ukraine

In the midst of the information war, it may sometimes be difficult to distinguish real news from the propaganda scares. Numerous myths about Ukraine that are firmly embedded in the Russians’ consciousness are currently being used as a justification for military intervention in Crimea. The following analysis reviews seven of the most prominent myths.

Myth No. 1. In Ukraine, they don’t like Russians and they’ve banned the Russian language

Despite all the tensions that have emerged between the two countries, thus far there have been no examples of attacks against Russians on the basis of national animosity. Moreover, there have been quite a few Russians on Maidan during the revolution, including Russian citizens with Russian flags, expressing their support for the struggle for democratic changes. Some Russian citizens have even spoken from the Maidan stage.

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