Bulletins in Crimea are Already Checked in the Right Place, Busloads of Russians coming in

The vote before the vote…

Euromaidan PR

Crimeans photographed bulletins that have already been filled ahead of the referendum in Crimea. In the bulletins, the box for the accession to the Russian Federation is already ticked. In this format, the bulletins are released from the printing press.


According to the deputy Oleksandr Bryhynets, busloads of Russian citizens arrive in Crimea through the ferry terminal at Kerch. Under the guise of Crimean residents, they will vote for the separation of Crimea.

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Dear Newsweek: RTFM

Solid critique of the Newsweek Article on “finding” Satoshi;
” No credible news organisation would have published this article. “

Makeshift Kiosk

Today (or rather yesterday), I was at the Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin. It was awesome. I met a legion of capable individuals working in the Bitcoin space. But when I finally had a chance to sit down and read and talk about my experience online, I could only find people buzzing about how Newsweek had found Satoshi Nakamoto.


The article has, of course, now been debunked, but I am still peeved at Newsweek. They wasted a really good day for internal Bitcoin community education. Unless they were hoping for a quick fix or a rebranding, Newsweek’s owners should also be peeved. No credible news organisation would have published this article. And since an in-credible news organisation is just a tabloid, Newsweek has just lost the readership who reads this article and discovers the truth. This article is the front page story of their new first print edition. So, nice…

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Russians have their maneuver strategy down – will be swarming from multiple entry points.

Voices of Ukraine

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Information Resistance Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters, here is the summary for March 13, 2014
(for summary from the previous day,  see Summary of March 12).

The bad news:

1. We, the Information Resistance group, have prepared a map showing the disposition of Russian military troops across the perimeter of Ukrainian borders (see below). The picture is depressing. Our borders are only clear in the West. Meanwhile, North, South and East are packed to the rim with Orcs. A trivial analogy, but Ukraine does look like the only island of hope left in the kingdom of darkness. An army of 6,000 people and millions of unarmed patriots, against a horde of evil.

It is unbearably depressing that the Commander-in-Chief of our army isn’t simply unwilling to fight – he does not offer any other options, either. Our guys…

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Meanwhile at NATO: Kerry’s Words of December 2013…

Secretary of State Kerry’s speech at NATO.

U.S. Department of State. “Secretary Kerry Delivers Remarks at NATO.” Youtube. December 3, 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWgf_YwwElA&list=PLNxLozf2cP4u04YhqZOzyEZbiis7QE92v

TOP 7 Myths About Ukraine Firmly Embedded in the Russian Consciousness

Myth-busting the Ukrainian Revolution from Russian misinformation.

Voices of Ukraine

By Roman Dobrokhotov
Translated by Olga Ruda and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: http://uainfo.org/yandex/288705-top-7-mifov-ob-ukraine-prochno-zakrepivshiesya-v-soznanii-rossiyan.html

In the midst of the information war, it may sometimes be difficult to distinguish real news from the propaganda scares. Numerous myths about Ukraine that are firmly embedded in the Russians’ consciousness are currently being used as a justification for military intervention in Crimea. The following analysis reviews seven of the most prominent myths.

Myth No. 1. In Ukraine, they don’t like Russians and they’ve banned the Russian language

Despite all the tensions that have emerged between the two countries, thus far there have been no examples of attacks against Russians on the basis of national animosity. Moreover, there have been quite a few Russians on Maidan during the revolution, including Russian citizens with Russian flags, expressing their support for the struggle for democratic changes. Some Russian citizens have even spoken from the Maidan stage.

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