Russian Private Security Companies Supply Mid-Level Commanders for “Crimean Self-Defense”

Blackwater much?

Voices of Ukraine

By Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

According to the reports received by Information Resistance, a large portion of the organizers responsible for the blockades of Ukrainian military units by Aksyonov-controlled gangs (so-called “Crimean Self-Defense”) are employed by Russian companies, in essence, similar to private military companies that exist in Western countries (operating as private security companies).

Over the last two days alone, we registered the arrival of approximately 130 such employees to Crimea.

These are mainly companies registered in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their employees are usually reserve officers of Russian law enforcement authorities, armed forces and state security services. Most of them have service experience in “hot zones” and participated in special operations.

Their mission in Crimea is to organize provocations, command the local small criminals (the core of the so-called “Self-Defense”), and closely work with Russian Cossacks.

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