FSB – Russian Intelligence

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GRU – Russian Military Intelligence

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GRU Headquarters, courtesy of Global Security
GRU Headquarters, courtesy of Global Security

Eyes and Ears over Ukraine: NATO’S AWACS

Today, NATO has authorized Airborne Warning and Control Systems to fly over allied territory n order to monitor the current situation in Ukraine. This aircraft will provide commanders with enhanced situational awareness – command and control – and protective reassurance to the Ukrainian people. The airframe requires four crew members and can hold thirteen to nineteen communication specialists.

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MP sees Russia’s hand in Luhansk demonstrations

Reminds me of Operation AJAX in Iran, 1953.

Euromaidan PR


Former MP Volodymyr Landyk believes “Putin’s tourists” are organizing pro-Russian demonstrations in Luhansk with the help of the former administration, as reported by ZN.UA.

“The former administration is obviously involved. And who is paying for all of this? All of this needs to be paid” Landyk told ZN.UA. “You think the people rose up here? Nothing is further from the truth. These are paid demonstrations. Those who lost power want to demonstrate their importance. What they’re saying is return our power,” he said.

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And the Stalin comparisons on disinformation start…

Voices of Ukraine

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

1926682_463321080463219_1261664550_nBrothers, here is the summary of March 9, 2014
(for summary of the previous day, see Summary of March 8).

The bad news:

1. Some of our own politicians on the local and nationwide level suddenly started playing second fiddle to the Kremlin. Today, we have neutralized (hopefully successfully) two very dangerous rumors – about the mass betrayal of our border guards and the Russian saboteurs who flooded Kherson and Odessa oblasts. Our very own “public servants” disseminated these rumors.

I do not understand how they can be so irresponsible to behave this way. Under the rule of Putin’s beloved grandfather Joseph [Stalin], [the officials implicated for participation] in such tricks were, without further due, taken by their arms and brought into the cellar at the Lubyanka [KGB headquarters and its prison], and were put against the wall. And rightly so. Because it is…

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Information Resistance: Russia is now trying to neutralize Turkey in the struggle for Crimea

Turkish involvement supporting Tatars for the Crimea.

Voices of Ukraine

Dmitry Tymchuk
09/03/2013 at 18:09 Facebook status update
Translated by Anna Danilova
Source: https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk/posts/466788140116513

One more analytic from Information Resistance:

Russia is desperately trying to withdraw Turkey from a struggle for Crimea

As is known, the Crimean Tatars are a reliable support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and strongly oppose the holding of an illegal referendum in Crimea, organized by the “Goblin” (Aksenov’s criminal nickname), in every possible way. Thanks to their unity and compact living in separate (but key!) Crimean regions, Crimean Tatars can become an important force, which will make Putin’s plans stillborn. And despite the desperate attempts of Tatarstan representatives to enlist the support of Crimean Tatars, they stand their ground following the attitude that “Any treaty with Russia is not even worth the paper it’s written on.” Besides this, the Crimean Tatar people know that Turkey is behind them.

It’s true that Russia tries to…

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A white swan flew over the House of Trade Unions on Maidan today…

Images from Kyiv

Voices of Ukraine

Today on Maidan.
Recently, Ukraine has had several symbolic situations with birds. Doves, seagulls, crows…

Today on Maidan we were stunned: very low, almost over the roof of the burnt House of Trade Unions… a swan flew by!!! A white swan! It was flying peacefully, leisurely… It was at home.

Maidan stood still.

People couldn’t believe their eyes! When has this ever happened?

In the centre of Kyiv, over the smoked Maidan, through a drizzling rain… the swan was flying!

By Igor Yurchak
March 6, 2014  FB status
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine and Isis Wisdom
Source: https://www.facebook.com/igor.yurchak/posts/638049602897852

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Ukrainian Army Reserve Officers Create Information Resistance

Social media and information resistance resonates in the Ukrainian Conflict.

Euromaidan PR


Ukrainian Army reserve officers set up an information alert network to address the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The group includes military analysts and journalists. Many of them are retired colonels who previously worked in research departments of the Ukrainian armed forces, some  of them participated in peacekeeping missions in Iraq.

They called their group Information Resistance. The information is disseminated through the Facebook page of the Head of the Center for Military and Political Studies, colonel in reserve Dmitry Tymchuk. “The initiative group is made up of the recently retired reserve officers such as myself. This means that we do not have bosses, we do not get paid for our work and, therefore, depend on nobody. We are working on pure enthusiasm and the only force motivating us is patriotism,” writes Tymchuk.

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Oleksandr Chernenko: Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea feel the government has forgotten about them

Morale continues to drop…

Euromaidan PR

1798744_513529208764747_2090815725_nOleksandr Chernenko, Journalist and Chairman of the Election Committee of Ukraine: Soldiers feel the government has forgotten about them

March 8, 2014

We went to the military units and brought cigarettes and things. Although near the units “green men” from Cossack batallions are on duty, you can come up to them.  Moreover, soldiers can easily leave the units, but they are not allowed in again.  Therefore, they do not leave.  At one of the units, they invited us inside and gave us a tour, though taking photographs was forbidden.

Immediately, I feel depressed. I look at these hastily assembled fortifications, the tired boys on guard. In the unit, there are a few dozen women serving.  Despite the situation, March 8th (International Women’s Day) was not cancelled, and they are all in simple and touching makeup.

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