Yuri Butusov: Why has Moscow declared its willingness to negotiate?

Well said: “The conclusion is: we should continue the negotiations with Moscow. But the army should enter Crimea. Clear away the terrorists. Arrest the separatists. They should not have the slimmest chance at legitimizing the coup. At the same time, offer the people of Crimea the second phase of the political reform and the empowerment of the local government.”

Voices of Ukraine

By Yuri Butusov, Contributing editor to Censor.net
Translated by Marina Grip
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Source: https://www.facebook.com/topaz.salat/posts/725029784203987

Why has Moscow declared its willingness to negotiate?
There is only one reason: Putin is trying to buy time.

It was not the sanctions that scared him, he’s scared of the high mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is scared by the quick response forces moving towards Crimea. Because in the case of the Ukrainian troops’ anti-terrorist operations, the “little green men” will not be able to keep Crimea. The “fortified areas” at Chonhar and Perekop only look menacing in the media reports – any military person understands that these APCs and tanks openly standing in the fields will only survive till the first volley from the “Hurricane” and howitzers, until the first flight of the Mi-24. These are clear targets. It is simply impossible for the Russian…

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