Russian Media Outlets (Translated in English)

A Photo of Vladimir Putin, courtesy of the Kremlin



The Moscow Times.

National Capital Language Resource Center. “Russian Webcasts.”

Online Newspaper Links.


President of Russia.



Russia Beyond the Headlines.

Russia News Online.

The St. Petersburg Times.

The Voice of Russia.

Bitcoin: Sources on the Decentralized Digital Currency

Androulaki, Elli et al. “Evaluating User Privacy in Bitcoin.” IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 596 (2012).

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Bitcoin. “History of Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Forum.

Bitcoin Twitter.

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CNN Money. “What Is Bitcoin?”

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Greene, Leonard. “Bitcoin CEO Found Dead: ‘Everything Has Its Price.’” The New York Post. March 6, 2014.

The Guardian. “Bitcoin.”

Khan Academy. “What Is a Bitcoin?”

Mt. GoX. “Bitcoin.”

Nakamoto, Satoshi. “Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System.”

The New York Times. “Bitcoin.”

Reddit. “Bitcoin.”

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The Wall Street Journal. “Bitcoin.”

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Weusecoins. “What Is a Bitcoin?” Youtube. March 22, 2011.

USA Today. “Bitcoin.”

Crimea – accession to Russia

Well, that decision escalated quickly.

Euromaidan PR

The “Information Resistance” group has obtained some details about the events that triggered today’s hasty decision by the Crimean parliament on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea’s accession to Russia.

In particular, according to our sources, yesterday, the Ukrainian Joint Staff worked out a plan to conduct a military operation in Crimea.

This decision on a military operation followed the Russian authorities’ statement that there are no Russian troops in the Crimea. This statement allowed the Ukrainian armed forces to plan the operation without fear of provoking a full-blown armed conflict with Russia.

By morning today, restaffing has been completed for certain units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to participate in the operation. Earlier, the 79th Independent Airmobile Brigade (Nikolayev) moved out to the [Perekopskiy] Isthmus in order to support the concentration of forces. We do not possess information about the starting date of the planned operation.

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Putin: Afghanistan Redux, by Dick Krickus

“They [Ukrainian militias] would not wage a conventional war against the Russian military but resort instead to guerrilla tactics.” – Like Chechnya?

In Moscow's Shadows

In the main, I use this blog for my own ruminations, but from time to time I am delighted to be able to use it as a platform for interesting and authoritative guest posts, such as this one from Dick Krickus, Professor Emeritus at the University of Mary Washington.

While Western officials have condemned Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine, they have cautioned the new government in Kiev not to fall into the trap that Georgian President Mikhail Sakashvilli did in 2008 and respond to Moscow’s provocation with force. Given the advantages that the Russian Army enjoys over its Ukrainian counterparts in terms of soldiers, air craft, tanks, artillery and other instruments of war, any violent showdown with Russia would end badly for the Ukrainians. No objective military analyst would challenge that assessment. But it rests on the judgment that the war will be fought along conventional lines and if…

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Think Tanks on the Situation in Ukraine


Brookings Institution. “Ukraine.”

Dougherty, Sarah. “Your starter kit for understanding the chaos unfolding in Crimea.” GlobalPost. March 3, 2014.

This article provides a brief description of thirteen key terms and concepts associated with the current geopolitical situation.

Foreign Affairs. “Ukraine.”

Henry L. Stimson Center. “Ukraine.”

McMahon, Robert. “Ukraine in Crisis.” CFR. March 6, 2014.

Good overview of the causation of the crisis, Russia’s concerns, the status of the Crimea, international law, and EU-US policy options.

The Pew Research Center. “Ukraine.”

Pifer, Steve. “Averting Crisis in Ukraine.” CFR. January 2009.

This short book details the route Ukraine could have taken economically, politically, and militarily as Russia, the EU, and the US vied for influence.

RAND. “Ukraine.”

Rohac, Dalibor. “Nightmare Scenario Underway in Ukraine.” Cato Institute. February 19, 2014.

“For Mr. Putin, the current situation is both a source of fear and an opportunity.”

RT America. “Ukraine.” Youtube.

——. “War of Words in Ukraine.” Youtube.

Wilson Center. “Ukraine.”

Creative resistance: besieged Marines give a concert for “the little green men” from Russia

“Even our marines are talented musicians and generous hosts! “

Voices of Ukraine

It’s Day 105 of the Revolution in Ukraine.

The Crimean occupation by “unidentified soldiers under Russian command” (dubbed the “little green men” by Ukrainian military) continues…

But today’s lesson comes from the talented and brave Marines under siege on their base in Kerch, Crimea, military unit А 0669, who are showing the world: to never stop being creative even under the worst circumstances, because creativity is resistance.

Even as hostages under siege (their base is surrounded by “little green men” with rather large weapons) Ukrainian Marines serenade their Russian brothers with an impromptu outdoor concert. Even our marines are talented musicians and generous hosts! 

0_d8292_1ae2beec_XL Alexander “Sasha” Sema

Meet Sasha (Alexander Sema), the lead singer in the video below, who is a poet, a Junior Sergeant and was a peacekeeper in Kosovo. In this video clip he sings a song from Okean Elzy, one of Ukraine’s most popular and successful…

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