C-130 Hercules – The Workhorse of the American Military

The C-130H is America’s foremost assault transport. It is manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Each individual unit costs around $44 million. The Hercules is powered by four Allison T-56-A-15 turboprops, each with 4,300 horsepower. Its dimensions are a length of 97 feet, a height of 38 feet, and a wingspan of 132 feet. Its maximum weight at takeoff is 155,000 lbs. The C-130’s airspeed is 374 mph, and can climb to a ceiling of 33,000 feet.  Its range with the max payload is 2,350 miles, or 5,200 miles without cargo. This mechanical beast can fit 92 troops, 64 paratroopers, 74 litter patients, or 5 pallets for air delivery.

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C-130 Dimensions, courtesy of FAS
C-130 Dimensions, courtesy of FAS
C-130 Fuselage, courtesy of FAS
C-130 Fuselage, courtesy of FAS

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