Setting the Record Straight on Ukraine (March 4, 2014) – Embassy of the United States, Moscow

“Calm has returned to Kyiv,” but for how long?

Euromaidan PR

The Embassy of the United States in Russia has issued a statement with responses to the claims made by the President of Russia V. Putin during the press conference on the 4th of May, 2014.

Claim:  We need to return to the February 21 agreement, which the opposition failed to implement.

Response:  As part of the agreement, the Ukrainian Parliament (the Rada) passed a bill to return Ukraine to the 2004 Constitution. Under the terms of the agreement, Yanukovych had 24 hours to sign this legislation, after which the protesters would need to evacuate certain government buildings and take other de-escalatory steps.  Instead of signing the legislation, Yanukovych left Kyiv and ultimately Ukraine.  Yanukovych is the one who failed to implement the February 21 agreement. Yanukovych’s party has moved on, voting in favor of legislation removing him from office and establishing a new government.

–          Ambassador Power:  “It was Yanukovych…

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C-130 Hercules – The Workhorse of the American Military

The C-130H is America’s foremost assault transport. It is manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Each individual unit costs around $44 million. The Hercules is powered by four Allison T-56-A-15 turboprops, each with 4,300 horsepower. Its dimensions are a length of 97 feet, a height of 38 feet, and a wingspan of 132 feet. Its maximum weight at takeoff is 155,000 lbs. The C-130’s airspeed is 374 mph, and can climb to a ceiling of 33,000 feet.  Its range with the max payload is 2,350 miles, or 5,200 miles without cargo. This mechanical beast can fit 92 troops, 64 paratroopers, 74 litter patients, or 5 pallets for air delivery.

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C-130 Dimensions, courtesy of FAS
C-130 Dimensions, courtesy of FAS
C-130 Fuselage, courtesy of FAS
C-130 Fuselage, courtesy of FAS

Russian ‘titushki’ dressed in Ukrainian soldiers’ uniforms to ‘swear allegiance’ to the people of Crimea

5th Column?

Euromaidan PR


Performance being staged once again in Sevastopol

The Russian ‘titushki’, who were actively buying Ukrainian military uniforms yesterday, will swear allegiance to the people of Crimea, simulating defected soldiers. Dmytro Tymchuk, director of the Center for Political and Military Studies, reported this in his FB status.

“It is now clear why yesterday the occupiers were in such dire need of Ukrainian military uniforms that they were shopping en masse at Crimean ‘Voentorg’ Army shops and looting from pillaged depots of the Ukrainian Navy,” he wrote. “In particular, in Sevastopol Russian ‘titushki’ are being massively dressed in Ukrainian uniforms. Simulating defected Navy soldiers, they will swear ‘allegiance to the people of Crimea’,” added Tymchuk.

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INVASION OF CRIMEA – Chronicle of March 3rd, 2014 (news from the ground)

This article has solid photos from Ukraine during the crisis.

Voices of Ukraine


Russian Troops Accumulating near Ukraine’s Borders


Source:Ukrainian Policy

Regional officials indicated on March 2nd that 10km from the Russian border in the northern Chernihiv region, Russian military movements were spotted, including tanks. Interim president Turchynov later informed that a no-fly zone over the country had been initiated for military aircraft.

On Monday March 3rd, the State Border Service of Ukraine announced that Russian forces were accumulating forces, including artillery and armored carriers, along the country’s eastern borders along the Donbas region of Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kharkiv. Russian border services have also closed the border for Russian citizens traveling into Donetsk, while the governor of neighboring Rostov-on-Don ordered the setup of refugee camps.

In response, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has said that Russian troops will not be allowed into the eastern regions of Ukraine. “I…

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