Andrey Illarionov: Main Axis of Russia’s mainland invasion will be through Chernihiv to Kyiv, with tanks supported by airborne troops

15,000 Russian Tourists – I wonder how he got those numbers…

Voices of Ukraine


March 3, 2014
Translated by Denis Gapeyev
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Andrey Illarionov, a former Advisor to President Putin who repeatedly warned about Putin’s plans to unleash the Russian invasion of Ukraine gives new pieces of advice on how to fend off the aggressor.

1. Two days ago I outlined the urgent steps to defend Ukraine in a series of interviews, as well as on this blog. The most urgent of them being the closure of Ukraine’s land, sea and air borders with Russia, this has never been implemented. As a result, we see assaults and seizure of Regional State Administrations in Kharkiv, Lugansk, Donetsk and Odessa by “Putin’s tourists.”

The Ukrainian border is still open and the high officials in Kyiv are still pondering whether to close it or not. They are probably waiting for the “Russian tourists” to reach Kyiv by APCs and tanks.

2. Requirements…

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