Sources on the History of the Crimea


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Crimea, courtesy of VOA
Crimea, courtesy of VOA

Security Service of Ukraine in Crimea refuse to obey Aksenov administration

Safety First!

Euromaidan PR


Officers refuse to recognize the administration head appointed by the new government of the Autonomy [Crimea] 

The employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) headquarters in Crimea and the Yalta City SBU do not obey the Crimean government, their representatives tell BSNews.

According to them, yesterday some TV channels and other media spread the false information that SBU had taken the side of the so-called Crimean government.

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Andrey Illarionov: Main Axis of Russia’s mainland invasion will be through Chernihiv to Kyiv, with tanks supported by airborne troops

15,000 Russian Tourists – I wonder how he got those numbers…

Voices of Ukraine


March 3, 2014
Translated by Denis Gapeyev
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Andrey Illarionov, a former Advisor to President Putin who repeatedly warned about Putin’s plans to unleash the Russian invasion of Ukraine gives new pieces of advice on how to fend off the aggressor.

1. Two days ago I outlined the urgent steps to defend Ukraine in a series of interviews, as well as on this blog. The most urgent of them being the closure of Ukraine’s land, sea and air borders with Russia, this has never been implemented. As a result, we see assaults and seizure of Regional State Administrations in Kharkiv, Lugansk, Donetsk and Odessa by “Putin’s tourists.”

The Ukrainian border is still open and the high officials in Kyiv are still pondering whether to close it or not. They are probably waiting for the “Russian tourists” to reach Kyiv by APCs and tanks.

2. Requirements…

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Ukrainian troops repulsed a night attack on a military unit in the Crimea.

“Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the attack without the use of weapons” – then by what means?

Voices of Ukraine

National security and Defense Council Secretary Andrey Parubiy said that Ukrainian troops repulsed a night attack on a military unit in the Crimea. According to Parubiy, Russian soldiers tried to attack the military unit 3009 in Crimea, where the internal troops of Ukraine were stationed. The head of the NATIONAL SECURITY and DEFENSE COUNCIL said that among the attackers were those wearing Russian paratrooper and military uniforms. “In the night there was an attack on 3009 in Crimea, where units of the internal troops are stationed. Among the attackers were those disguised as servicemen, was the so-called “self-defense,” and, as we know, disguised as Russian troops,” he said at a news conference Tuesday in Kyiv. Parubiy said that Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the attack without the use of weapons and drove the attackers from the territory of the Ukrainian military unit.

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Ukrainian Multilateral Military Involvement

Ukrainian Military, courtesy of the Ministry of Defense
Ukrainian Military, courtesy of the Ministry of Defense

The Ukrainian military has participated in several multilateral military institution including the EU and UN, and missions from Somalia to Kosovo. While Ukraine has  participated in the Partnership for Peace, it has not yet joined NATO. The organization has an open door for the country, and has commented on the urgent crisis.

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