The Cold War Never Ended

This article demonstrates the dangers of a morally charged bipolar system.

WildKat Formation

I’ve never been interested in the Winter Olympics. I prefer my Olympic athletes to be…how you say…”more naked.” There is little to no Olympics craze here in Albania either, so most of what I know about the games comes from social media. And other than giggling at the name Bode and getting tired of hearing about how hot some Italian ice skater chick is, what seems to be dominating the news I get are the sub-par amenities at the Sochi hotels. Um…what?

There is a hashtag on Twitter called #SochiProblems, I guess. And a matching account with over 300,000 followers dedicated to westerners complaining about spending a few weeks in an underdeveloped country that doesn’t quite meet their qualifications for luxury. As an American, I am very familiar with the concept of “getting your money’s worth,” and having worked many years in customer service I understand that westerners…

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