Anatomy of an Apprehension: The Three Keys to Catching El Chapo Guzman

1. Intelligence 2. Multilateral Efforts 3. Financial Anti-Terrorism


The end of the manhunt was no match for the mystique of the target.

Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman, one of the most-wanted men in the world, had been on the run since 2001, when he escaped in a laundry cart from a Mexican prison. The chase finally wrapped up around sunrise on Saturday morning, when Mexican commandos raided a cream-colored condo tower fronting the Avenida del Mar in the seaside town of Mazatlan. The criminal giant nickamed “Shorty” was sleeping shirtless inside unit 401, a modest apartment with white tile floors and pink suitcases strewn across a sagging mattress. He was taken without a fight.

The ease of the capture belies the intensity of a pursuit that spanned five presidents and the North American continent. Guzman’s alleged gift for smuggling narcotics into the U.S. was matched only by his knack for evading apprehension—a goal aided by the millions of dollars that authorities…

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