FOIA – It’s Your Friend

FOIA, or the Freedom of Information Act, gives researches access to declassified U.S. documents from foreign policy to domestic events. These documents serve as primary accounts of the policy and decision making process of American officials. These memorandums, photographs, and estimates are declassified often on a ten-year basis, leading to new perspectives on events.


Government Sponsored Websites:

Air Force. “Freedom of Information Act.”

Army. “Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room.”

Central Intelligence Agency. “Library.”

Customs and Border Protection. “FOIA.”

Department of Defense. “FOIA Requester Service Center.”

Department of Health and Human Services. “Electronic Reading Room.”

Department of Homeland Security. “FOIA and Privacy Act.”

Department of the Interior. “Freedom of Information Act Program.”

Department of Justice. “”

——. “Office of Information Policy.”

Department of State. “Foreign Relations of the United States.”

——. “Virtual Reading Room.”

Department of the Treasury. “FOIA.”

Environmental Protection Agency. “FOIA.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation. “FBI Records: Freedom of Information / Privacy Act.”

Federal Communication Commission. “Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room.”

National Institutes of Health. “Freedom of Information Act Office.”

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “NOAA FOIA.”


Non-Government Sponsored Websites:

Georgetown University. “Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archive.”

George Washington University. “The National Security Archive.”

Russian Times. “How to FOIA Yourself!” The Alyona Show. March 7, 2012.

Stanford University. “FOIA.”

University of Wisconsin Digital Archive. “Foreign Relations of the United States.”

Wikileaks. “Archives.”

Wilson Center. “Cold War International History Project.”


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